We specialise in treating termite infestations with the best pest control solution in the business: NEMESIS™.

The NEMESIS™ Termite Bait System is a competitive termite control method when compared to other more traditional means of control. We recommend that when choosing an effective termite treatment system, you carefully assess your options and take into account the quality and extent of the service offered, including follow-up services which should not cost anything, and of course the yearly renewal fee.

Our company specialises in Termites and Termite solutions, as well as General Pests and Pre-Purchase Reports.

We utilise four different avenues to give you the best possible results:

- Thermal Imaging Technology is used for tracking termites in walls, ceilings and other surfaces. 

- Moisture Metres & Borer Scopes can be used to detect not only termites and pests, but also any leaks.

- Our Termite Foaming Machine will ensure the pest problem is safe, secure and efficient in ridding your household of problems.

- Our vast knowledge of the industry has put us ahead of the competition time and time again.

Combined with our incredible Thermal Imaging Technology, and over 30 years in the industry, and you've got all the weapons you need to win the war against pests!


The cost of any treatment required to obtain lasting termite control will be determined by a range of factors including the size of your home, extent of any existing infestation and its location within your home, the species of termite encountered, pressure from termite nests within range of your home, frequency of property inspections required by you, and system installation requirements.



The NEMESIS™ Termite Monitoring and Baiting System:

  • Is an innovative and proven approach to termite control.

  • Is an effective solution that is less invasive or disruptive as a treatment process compared to more traditional chemical methods.

  • Is a visible method and the process is transparent, allowing for a co-operative approach to termite control with your chosen pest manager.

  • Greatly reduces the risk to non-target insect or animal species, by targeting termite colonies.

  • Reduces the risk of environmental damage, especially compared with chemical treatment methods.

  • Can be used either as a localised treatment to a specific area of your home, or as a full installation to the perimeter.

  • Can be applied to other structures on your property, such as sheds, gazebos, decking or fences.

  • Plus, NEMESIS™ is wholly Australian owned and operated - and we are proud to carry their products at Coastline Pest Control!


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